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Top 5 Reasons to buy E&O Insurance online

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The insurance industry is a conservative, risk-averse business. That’s a good thing because as stewards of their clients’ money, the last thing they want is to make decisions that put those resources in jeopardy. For this reason, the decision to begin selling insurance direct to consumers online was a deliberate, careful process that took many years to accomplish.

However, today, as insurers have become more comfortable selling insurance on the Internet, most product types are available online. In fact, insurers are now encouraging business owners of all types, including life and health insurance agents, P&C agents, and others to buy E&O insurance online. And frankly, it’s not a hard decision to make for the following five reasons.

First, buying E&O insurance online is typically a painless process. Thanks to leading-edge technology and the customer-facing innovation of firms such as EOforLess, financial professionals can now access websites that simplify and speed the process of buying E&O insurance online. For example, at, financial advisors can easily establish an account, apply for coverage, and purchase protection in just a few minutes.

Second, at EOforLess, the “click-and-bind” process couldn’t be easier. Just select the right type of professional liability insurance for your needs based on our easy-to-navigate option menu and then determine your desired coverage limits. With those key decisions made, all that’s left is to establish your account by keying in your personal information and selecting your payment method. Then you simply complete a brief list of underwriting questions. If your answers qualify you for purchase, you can click and bind your coverage immediately thereafter.

Third, once your coverage is in effect, it becomes a simple matter to print out your certificate of insurance. Unlike with traditional agent-mediated shopping, buying E&O insurance online means you can get your insurance certificate instantly! If you need proof of coverage to pursue a sales opportunity through a new field marketing organization (FMO), then you’ll appreciate the value of getting it now instead of waiting days or weeks. When it comes to pursuing sales leads, time is of the essence, and responds by allowing you to print your certificate within minutes of getting approved.

Fourth, convenience and speed are meaningless if your E&O insurance is riddled with exclusions or your E&O insurer takes months to process your claim. Fortunately, EOforLess has partnered with some of the top E&O insurers in the market today to make sure your protection is there when you need it. For example, National Ethics Association, sponsor of, selected Continental Casualty Company (CNA) as its carrier of choice for life and health agent E&O insurance. CNA is the 8th largest commercial property-casualty insurer in the United States and has extensive experience pricing E&O insurance risks in the financial-services industry. It is also strongly equipped to manage the E&O claims process through its team of highly experienced claims adjusters and its network of affiliated attorneys.

Similarly, our E&O insurance for property & casualty agents is underwritten by Everest National Insurance Company, a world leader in P&C reinsurance and insurance. Everest National offers innovative products, responsive service, and unsurpassed financial strength. Rated A+ XV (Superior) by A.M. Best and A+ by Standard & Poor’s, it has $21.4 billion in total assets (2015).

E&O Insurance with So Much More

Fifth, and finally, when you buy E&O insurance online at, you’re not just buying E&O insurance. You’re also joining the National Ethics Association, a membership organization devoted to promoting ethical business practices in financial services. Your membership provides a variety of valued-added benefits, including:

  • Credibility icons for your website and marketing materials – Use the Registered Member logo to show your commitment to ethics and transparency in every aspect of your business.

  • Search-friendly online profile - Point your customers to your profile and extend your website’s online marketing & SEO.

  • Elevated trust - Our optional Certified Background Check shows consumers you have passed a rigorous criminal and civil background check, which instantly reduces friction in the sales process.

  • Access to our content library – Our extensive online content helps you acquire the ethics and compliance knowledge you need to position your firm for long-term success.

  • Access to free insurance continuing-education courses – Through our relationship with Success CE, we help you sharpen your skills and keep your insurance license in force.

Act Now to Buy E&O Insurance Online

In summary, if you’re an insurance, financial, or real estate professional, why not buy E&O insurance online today? Start by learning more about here. Then click through to get specific information about E&O insurance for life & health agents, for P&C agents, for registered investment advisors, or for real estate broker/owners.

And don’t forget . . . when you buy E&O insurance online at, you also get access to a host of other benefits from the National Ethics Association. To learn more about those, go here.

So why wait any longer. If you need E&O insurance, consider this an open invitation to come, see, and buy E&O insurance online at